Isaacson Aerial Photography (IAP) is dedicated to providing you with the tools necessary  to see your visual ideas and projects to completion. We have been in the aerial photography business for 21 years.

IAP is licensed and authorized to conduct commercial drone (sUAS) operations under both the FAA exemption Section 333 process and  FAR Part 107 air regulation and is fully insured under these processes. We have over 3 years of drone proficiency and imaging operations and can supply you with a variety of drone platforms.

Using our own aircraft, we can provide both oblique and vertical images on the same flight.

Helicopter flights are done as required by the mission due to the increased operating costs. 

Isaacson Aerial Photography operates from eastern Washington state near Spokane and can reach most areas of the Inland NorthWest

With a full line of imaging platforms, Isaacson Aerial Photography can cover altitudes from 14,000 feet down to very low altitudes below 100 feet in both still and video format.