Helicopters provide access to areas that are not well suited to fixed wing operations and can fly lower than fixed wing. Also, airport control towers are more friendly to helicopter photo operations.
Drones provide a much more intimate view of a site and can also provide images or video for real estate, inspection, such as bridges, power lines and poles, etc, both in the visual spectrum (RGB) and infrared (IR). They are better suited to video operations as the drone pilot can be flying the drone while a camera operator is running the camera. Also, drones are an excellent platform for search and rescue operations.
Helicopter imaging is done with a gimbal or gyro and high resolution cameras.
IAP drone or sUAS platforms cover a range from micro four-thirds cameras with various lenses shooting up to 4K video and stills to a dedicated drone using a FLIR IR (infrared) camera and a X-8 Heavy Lift drone that supports various cameras.  IAP possesses a FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot sUAS operator license and a FAA fixed wing aircraft pilot license. All drones are fully insured for these commercial operations. IAP uses the best equipment and provides the best experience for your photo needs